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In Mexico there is a philosophy of life that has been rescued from our Toltec and Mexican ancestors, from which the most important teachings have been taken up in order to achieve the spiritual and physical development of the human being, this knowledge helps us re-sensitize ourselves to be able to connect with nature and the cosmos, because only in this way can we understand and feel the universal life that surrounds us. With the personal disciplines of introspection, harmonization, healing and self-knowledge we learn to live according to our own nature and we understand what is the small but important contribution that we must make to the natural balance to preserve our home, which we call mother earth.

This ancestral path is not a religion or sect, it is simply a more natural, healthy and harmonious way of life, so it can be taken up by anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

History of Casa Centli

When this philosophy finally becomes a way of living, you manage to sensitize and connect with all the life forms that surround you, suddenly, you begin to understand what is your true contribution to the balance that sustains the world in which we live and what it is. the function of other beings, this is how you discover the meaning of universal life and your existential end, little by little you become part of the whole and begin to flow according to your true nature and essence, by twinning with all beings you Deliveries at their service as an act of love for life and creation, thus Casa Centli was born, it was the result of an act of love for the lives of children, as they are the seeds of the world and the hope of humanity, we must Cultivate them with love and take care of them so that they grow strong, healthy and happy, so that in the future they can bear great fruit and become good sowers of the seeds that will continue to emerge as time goes by. The Casa Centli project was born from the heart of an apprentice of the Nahuatl philosophy of life, who materialized a dream of service for the most vulnerable children of our towns, where through a child help center we will transmit this philosophy to children and in turn They will be given the support they need to improve their quality of life.

Why Casa Centli?


“Casa” means house in spanish language so, our ancestors taught us that all beings are one family, different from each other, but with the same value, and the family is sacred because it is the cradle of life, when you see others as brothers is when your desire to protect and love them, that is why we add the word home to the name, because we are a united family to take care of children, and we want each little one to see in us a home where they feel protected and safe


This Nahuatl word is translated as “corn”, however, for our ancestors its meaning was deeper, since Centli is the way of calling sustenance in all its forms, both physical and spiritual, which fills us with well-being and abundance every day.

Casa Centli

It is the universal family united to provide a home for our children, where they will receive the sustenance they need physically, emotionally and spiritually.

They still keep alive some of the ancestral knowledge that their ancient inhabitants inherited from them, from here we have been able to rescue and retake the wisdom of the grandparents who have allowed to give life to this traditional philosophy and we have adapted it to our new times, since this knowledge is part of our roots as Mexicans, in addition to teaching us a more harmonious and healthy way of life for all living beings and our planet.

Malinalco also has a great natural wealth where the flora and fauna is varied and abundant, the economic activities that sustain the municipality is the service to tourism, commerce and agriculture.

However, despite its cultural and natural wealth, the municipality has a high poverty rate in most of its localities, where children have always been the most vulnerable and affected.

For the reasons already mentioned, Casa Centli decided to work in this municipality, the cultural part allows transmitting the philosophy of life to those who no longer know or practice it in this region, especially to children who are in their formation process. It is essential to convey to the population how important it is to conserve its natural wealth to maintain life, since pollution and the shortage of green areas is also constantly growing, which has generated great natural losses to the municipality, in addition to that if we take care and managing resources well will allow families to generate their long-term livelihood.

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