Josue Zetina Castillo

Born in the municipality of Ocuilan, State of Mexico. He studied a career in agricultural technology and became interested in healthy and self-sustainable lifestyles, which motivated him to take courses and workshops focused on ecology and organic agriculture. 

At 15 years of age, he discovered and adopted the traditional nahuatl philosophy. He learned several ancestral disciplines of personal development and integration with nature, but the highlight of his career is his in-depth knowledge of the traditional temazcal. He studied under different temazcaleros until he was allowed to continue their legacy. Today, he educates a new generation of temazcaleros, teaches different ancestral philosophies as a community service, and promotes the revival of our Mexican tradition through workshops, courses, and cultural events.

The love for his Mexican roots has fuelled him to pursue the knowledge of indigenous people, and to learn and teach the philosophy of life of our ancient Mexico, not as a tradition, but as a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Mara M. Pacheco M.

Born in Malinalco, State of Mexico, at age 17 Mara joined social aid groups and worked four years for a private religious organization. She participated in workshops for child development and camps aimed to help children. After that, she met her husband, who was learning ancestral wisdom and reviving Mexican traditions, and became interested in the subject. She started researching ancestral Mexican knowledge and focused on human behavior and development with the help of Tonalpohualli, a discipline that helps us understand the true nature of people.

Currently, she teaches ancestral wisdom through courses and experiential workshops, different disciplines that help with personal growth, and keeps working on personal projects to broaden the education in the school she founded with her husband a few years ago. 

Alex Centli

Of Mexican nationality, he’s a person passionate about life and living. Since his first years, he understood the importance of building a free spirit and a strong will based on universal values. He was raised by a single mother who gave him the opportunity to grow believing in the principle of freedom, self-knowledge, and the ability to create. 

He studied Industrial Engineering at Monterrey’s Institute of Technology, not because of passion, but for the endless possibilities in the job market. Today and always, in an intellectual and spiritual plane, inspired by philosophy, the structure of thought, and recently, for the chance to be seen as a whole, from spirit, soul, thought, and body. 

From a young age, he understood that working is more than a source of income, it is the principle of trade in a society, a reference to the impact we leave behind as productive beings. 

As a consequence of this fulfillment, he wants to expand his being to more laudable and charitable tasks, since his life mission is to help people transform their lives in a positive way. Alex is convinced that a person, society, or nation with strong roots achieves a strong spirit. An unbreakable spirit capable of discerning between the empty paraphernalia of these times and the truly essential to building happy faces. From there, a dream is born: a shelter and center of development for minors based on a prehispanic worldview. 

“I know there are a lot of people out there capable of blossoming and taking their reality to unprecedented levels if they’re given even the tiniest possibility, to which I say: So be it!”

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