We are a 100% Mexican CSO established in the municipality of Malinalco, committed to a life-lasting education, positive reinforcement , and raising  awareness.
Our founders are multidisciplinary instructors and ancestral Mexican worldview teachers.

We want to take take ancestral Mexican world viewing to the largest amount of people possible, breaking down ideological barriers and achieving universality. This way, we can achieve a committed and self-sufficient society.



If the root is strong
the spirit is unbreakable

Your contribution allows us to transcend and support more children every day.

We are a Center for Development focused on the well-being of children. Through exploring the ancestral Mexican worldview, they will learn customs and traditions that will improve their life.

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Malinalco: Camino Tenampa, La Ladrillera #27. Malinalco, State of Mexico. ZIP Code: 52440
Metepec: Calle Mariano Zúñiga No. 1555, San Francisco Coaxusco. Metepec, State of Mexico. ZIP Code: 52140