Seasonal aid program for Malinalco 2021

Casa Centli will handle a strategic system to aid children from Malinalco, according to the seasons and the needs of every town. Initially, we will focus on the community of Monte Grande and Pachuqilla, both of which are located high up the mountains, and because they’re located too far away they lack services and job sources. Agricultural activity is temporary and public transportation is scarce, this has provoked a high poverty rate and a slow development of the communities, where children are the most vulnerable. That’s why Casa Centli has targeted this region to help children from Malinalco. 

The economic activity of these regions has been drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial activities were brought to a halt constantly during the whole year and the economy of Malinalco was fractured, especially in faraway communities. In response to this event, Casa Centli will attend as best as it can the basic and immediate needs of the children from Monte Grande and Pachuquilla. 

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