Spring Aid Program
Sowing hope to reap wellness

In spring, communities like Monte Grande and Pachuquilla prepare the soil for seeding. This is the best season to sow backyard gardens, that’s why Casa Centli will continue to work through the program “Sowing hope to reap wellness”. 

This program will give technical advice to build organic gardens in childrens’ homes, deliver seeds and seedlings, tools, and constant advice all the way to sowing. Furthermore, children will learn to take care of the land and the natural resources like our ancestors did to keep balance in our world.  

The objective of this program is to teach the children the benefits of a self-sustainable and organic life, teach them how to work home gardens, unify families through a common activity and benefit their economy.


Work material

  • 1 package of various seeds.
  • 1 platter of various seedlings. 
  • 4 aromatic plants
  • 1 gardening kit
  • 1 hoe
  • 1 organic fertilizer
  • 1 fruit tree – So that children can adopt and take care of a tree

Lesson: 4 lessons per garden

  • 1 Lesson – A talk about the organic garden, taking care of the land and the plants in accordance with the ancestral philosophy, and give the specifications of the space they need to sow in their home.  
  • 2 Lesson – Teach them how to prepare the soil and sow. 
  • 3 Lesson – Teach how to take care of the plants and make homemade repellents
  • 4 Lesson – To correct mistakes in the process, teach the right time and way of sowing and crop rotation. 

In 2021 there will be 20 garden packages, 10 for Monte Grande and 10 for Pachuquilla. 

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